Beautiful corset bra models

Corset is a unique accessory in women's wardrobe, it is not only beautiful but also helps you to have an hourglass figure. Corset models perfectly tighten the waistline, thereby bringing beauty to your entire figure.

The most important secret when choosing a bra to wear ao dai is that the bra should cover the entire chest. Regardless of the size or shape of your bust, it is still the top selection criterion for bra selection. You should not choose a half-breasted bra, because it looks quite revealing, which will make you lose the inherent gentleness of the Vietnamese Ao Dai.

BRA CORSET MIGHT GENERAL, INSIDE AND BREAST UP combines many functions in 1 shirt Effect:

+ Anti-fat from back to waist thanks to shaped bars evenly spread in front and back of the shirt.

+ Prevent revealing underwear thanks to the design like a delicate bra

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